Credit: Nikos Papadopoulos/Pottle Productions Inc ©2011 Photo: Angelea's Final Photo on the America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 Finale:

Angelea Preston's unexpected disqualification during the America's Next Top Model All-Stars finale left fans with their jaws on the floor. Based on her strong performance during the final challenges, some fans even think she would have taken home the crown if it weren't for her mysterious removal from the competition.

However, facts are facts, and in the end, Angelea didn't walk away with the prize. But hey, if she's successful, it doesn't really matter if she won, right? So what has Angelea been doing since ANTM All-Stars ended?

In an interview with Maytee Martinez, Angelea explains that her new passion is music. We got to see her flaunt her musical skills on All-Stars Episode 8, but that isn't her only foray into the industry. "I'm in the studio right now recording," she told Maytee Martinez.

Angelea also has a role in the 2011 film Breathe, and she's planning on co-writing a book about the modeling industry with fashion industry entrepreneur Alycia Kaback.

As for modeling, she has "booked a campaign for a t shirt line." Basically, Angelea is doing just fine, despite the disqualification.

For even more about Angelea, check out her website, Angelea Online.

Source: Maytee Martinez