Dreckitude alert! America's Next Top Model Cycle 18, Episode 6: "Jessica Sutta and Nadine Coyle" is not airing tonight. Instead, it will air NEXT Wednesday, April 11 at the usual 9 p.m. on the CW.

Why? Because One Tree Hill has to fade into the mist tonight and the two-hour finale is airing from 8-10 p.m., taking up ANTM’s spot.

Sad face.

ANTM will replay Episode 5, “Beverly Johnson,” at 8 p.m. on April 11, right before the new episode. So we can relive all the sticky maple syrup action from last week. Until then, why not stare at Allison Harvard’s new photo, catch up on what Angelea Preston has been up to and vote in this poll asking for your favorite to win the current British Invasion cycle.

ANTM airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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