Role: Winner of Cycle 14
Born: December 19, 1984
Birthplace: Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Drunk person in street might yell to her: “Hey, you won that show! Remember? You won!”
Five items within her reach right now: Tyra Banks poster, Tyra Banks mug, Tyra Banks bobble head, Tyra Banks prayer book, Tyra Banks hologram.

Krista White won the 14th cycle of America's Next Top Model. She received four consecutive first call-outs — the most during her cycle and ANTM history. In the end, she was was selected over fan fave Raina Hein because the judges thought Krista would have a better chance at an international career. At the age of 25, she is the oldest model to win America's Next Top Model. Unless she becomes an Olympic champion, a scientist who discovers a new moon, or a recurring guest star on CSI: Someplace, this will remain her most crucial biographical information. 

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