Amina Buddafly Says Peter Gunz Is Becoming a Better Husband
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Amina Buddafly Says Peter Gunz Is Becoming a Better Husband

Love & Hip Hop Season 4 introduced us the secretly married couple, Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz, who proved to have one of the rockiest (and messiest) relationships we’d ever seen. Though things went a little south during the Season 4 reunion special — with Peter deciding to take a little space from Amina — things are apparently starting to look up for the two. In fact, in a recent interview, Amina reveals that Peter is becoming a better husband.

Sometimes he’s still just a little work,” Amina tells Sister 2 Sister magazine, adding, “but I’m seeing some little things that make me hopeful and keep me wanting to be here.” Overall, Amina says things between she and Peter are “good” and “getting better.” That’s great news to hear — especially since Amina is currently five months preggers with the pair’s first kiddo (a baby girl!).

Hopefully someday one of these “little things” that Peter does will include sharing his life with Amina with fans on social media. As it stands, Peter says he refuses to post photos with his wife for fear of the negative backlash he receives from it.

Peter did, however, post a photo of his wife’s sonogram and their growing little “mädchen” (that’s “girl” in German, guys) for “women crush wednesday.”

At least he’s trying. Let’s hope that these guys really get it together before the eighth baby Gunz enters the world.

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Source: Sister 2 Sister