Amina Buddafly Wants More Kids With Peter Gunz But He Says No!
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Amina Buddafly Wants More Kids With Peter Gunz But He Says No!

Love & Hip Hop Season 4 star Amina Buddafly isn’t even to full term in her pregnancy with her husband, Peter Gunz’s eighth child, and she’s apparently got more babies on the brain. Peter, however, doesn’t feel the same way, and he's making moves to put his baby maker out of commision.

Peter — who was accompanied by Amina — makes it abundantly clear that his first child with wife Amina is going to be his last during a chat with Sister 2 Sister magazine.

I’m getting a vasectomy!” Peter says, later adding, “As hard and as hurtful as that sounds to me right now, that’s the only way. I’m not having any more kids.

Amina reveals that the two have argued about the possibility of having more children, with her joking that she may be artificially inseminated by another in order to build a bigger family with Peter. The “Uptown Baby” rapper insists that having another person’s baby just might be an option — just in another fashion.

We can adopt somebody’s kids, but I’m not personally making any more babies,” Peter says.

Peter goes on to say that while his family is totally supportive of his new life with Amina (and their impending baby girl), everyone thinks that this new baby was enough.

“When they first got the news that Amina was pregnant, nobody was jumping up clicking their heels. Like, ‘Yo, Peter, at some point you got to chill out. You can barely handle the ones you have,’” he admits.

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Source: Sister 2 Sister