Amy Purdy and Derek Hough’s DWTS Disney Night Waltz — Was It Fair to Allow Lifts?
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Dancing With The Stars

Amy Purdy and Derek Hough’s DWTS Disney Night Waltz — Was It Fair to Allow Lifts?

Lifts are not allowed in a slow Waltz. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba is the self-declared Lift Police. So why didn't she deduct a point for the lifts in Amy Purdy's Dancing With the Stars Season 18 Disney Night routine? Isn't it hypocritical to change the rules?

After the Cinderella dance — which obscured Amy's footwork, thanks to the aggressive smoke machine — Carrie Ann gave her critique: "The bad news is, you know I always call lifts and I saw some lifts. But I cannot take off a point from you for doing a lift because of your unique circumstance, and I think that it was something to make up for the things you can't do for content."

But is that fair? It’s more of a comment about Derek Hough's choreography than anything, and it’s not like the five-time champ isn’t aware of the lift rule. Besides, Amy doesn't want a double standard, she wants to be treated like every other dancer, and if it was any other dancer, Carrie Ann would've deducted a lift point. (Remember how she gave Charlie’s Rumba a 7 last week, in part for the lift?) Is she openly saying the rules don't apply to Amy? Billy Dee Williams got low scores at age 76 with health issues, Valerie Harper got low scores while battling brain cancer, so why shouldn't the same rules apply to all?

Carrie Ann ended up giving Amy a 9, which was copied by the other judges, except for a 10 from Donny Osmond, since Donny was just judging from emotion.

Carrie Ann wasn't the only one to change the rules mid-stream on Disney Night. Her lifts don't matter for Amy ruling came after Len Goodman gave Charlie White a 10 even though he dropped his cane during his Jazz routine. And Donny gave Cody Simpson an 8 because he didn’t feel like Cody enjoyed the dance even though Cody said he did enjoy the dance.

So it was a fun night of dancing but (once again) a weird night of judging. Listen, we love Amy and Charlie, but they are athletes who don't need extra help with the scores, and by now Amy has earned equal treatment. It may sound kind to judge her differently, but it comes off as a little patronizing. She's an amazing dancer and if Derek choreographs lifts, that should be called out as it would for any other dancer's routine.

Do you think it was fair for Carrie Ann to say she wouldn’t deduct a lift point for Amy, because she’s a double amputee and this particular dance was her hardest so far?