Amy Purdy on Her Dancing With the Stars Journey: “I Had a Lot of Tears”
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Dancing With The Stars

Amy Purdy on Her Dancing With the Stars Journey: “I Had a Lot of Tears”

One of the many frustrating things about taking second on Dancing With the Stars is there’s no time on air to talk to you. The third place couple always gets a decent farewell speech, but by the time you know you’re the runner-up, there’s confetti falling and the crowd is cheering for the winners and no one has time for your reaction, even if they could hear it over the crowd.

That’s where Amy Purdy and Derek Hough found themselves last night on the Season 18 Finale.

They didn’t get a chance to say much on TV, but after the show, Amy posted a mid-dance photo with Derek on Instagram, writing, "What an amazing experience tonight and this entire journey was! I couldn't be more grateful to have been given the opportunity to discover my abilities and share them with the world. Thank you to all who voted, I am beyond honored to be the Final two alongside Meryl and Max. What an amazing journey! #purdyhough."

Last night, the final four couples all flew together from L.A. to NYC to appear bright and early today on Good Morning America. On GMA, Amy talked about her roller-coaster journey.

"I was quite emotional throughout the entire season,” Amy said. “I went through so many emotions. I was thinking about that this morning. I had a lot of tears. I had tears of joy, and tears of frustration, and tears of pain. I kind of went through the whole range of all of it. But I just learned so much about myself. I learned how strong that I am and how much perseverance I have as well."

People know what she’s been through with losing her legs, Amy said, but they may not realize how challenging it is to memorize the dances in such a short period of time, and to perform in front of a live audience — which is not something she normally does.

She’s justifiably proud of her accomplishments and she now has new fans from around the world. We’ll have to see where Amazing Amy goes from here. For now, congrats to Team PurdyHough for inspiring millions of DWTS viewers!

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