Amy’s Baking Company Couple From Kitchen Nightmares Returning to Reality TV?
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Amy’s Baking Company Couple From Kitchen Nightmares Returning to Reality TV?

Two of the most infamous reality show stars of the past year are now in talks to get their own reality TV show in the near future. Be afraid.

Amy and Samy Buzaglo of Scottsdale, Ariz.'s Amy's Baking Company caused national headlines when they were shown cursing at customers and stealing tips from their staff on Kitchen Nightmares in spring of 2013. Now, they have appeared on a local news piece on Fox this week, where they say they have bounced back and may soon have their own show.

So why did the couple look like such terrible bosses on the show? "[The show] filmed for two days, and they took 36 minutes of two days' worth of film, and they put every single crazy moment together they could," Amy says.

The couple clearly does not hold Gordon Ramsay in high regard. "What's happened is we've been attacked and under pressure... then what happened is the devil came out of me," Samy says. "I [will] show the world [that Gordon] is nothing, and he's still nothing."

However, the couple says that their wild episode has been good for their restaurant's business. "We became a tourist attraction," Samy says, estimating that the restaurant has brought in 5,000 new customers because of the show. "They wanted to see the drama.. they wanted to see us screaming. They wanted to see the food come out two hours later.. whatever. They wanted all that."

"We had people manufacture their own drama," he adds, claiming that one man put a rubber cockroach in his food.

The couple will appear on a future episode of Kitchen Nightmares as a follow-up, and they say they also have a reality show in the works. "We can teach you how to make amazing cakes and how to work in the kitchen and be wild and our kitty cats," Amy says about their new show. "We have to show everybody the real us. That's why we agreed to do a reality show."

So will you watch their new show? Or are you ready for their 15 minutes of fame to be up already?

Source: My Fox Phoenix

11.12.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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