Ana Quincoces on Former Bestie Marysol Patton: She’ll Do Anything to Stay “Relevant”
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Real Housewives of Miami

Ana Quincoces on Former Bestie Marysol Patton: She’ll Do Anything to Stay “Relevant”

Real Housewives of Miami stars Ana Quincoces and Marysol Patton were once close friends. However, Ana is now speaking out about the fact that she's no longer close to Marysol and feels she was used by her.

"While I spent many an episode last year defending Marysol, she and I are no longer friends," Ana writes in her blog. "There was no dramatic fallout or any one explosive altercation; just the quiet, slow, and painful disintegration of what I believed was a true friendship, and the realization that I had been duped."

"Marysol doesn’t know how to be a friend, at least not in the true sense of the word," Ana writes. "Loyalty is not Marysol’s strong suit. Yes, I was warned. Not only by Lea [Black] and Elaine but by many people around town who know her well. Even Mama Elsa’s insistence on maintaining a friendship with Lea, her daughter’s nemesis, was very telling."

Ana says she started seeing Marysol's true colors once they were both downgraded from full-time Housewives after Season 2. "Once Marysol and I were downgraded something that relieved me tremendously but devastated her greatly she began to" buddy up to the full-time Housewives and "failed to include me when she easily could have. She knew that eliminating me would ensure that she had more airtime."

Ana says Marysol has tried to use Mama Elsa as a way back onto the show. "[Marysol's] biggest concern was getting a frail Mama Elsa out of the hospital so that she could film with her," Ana writes. "After all, Andy [Cohen] loves Elsa and the viewers adore her. But after having a serious stroke and brain surgery at her advanced age, filming a reality show could not have been Elsa’s top priority and certainly not that of her medical team."

According to Ana, Marysol is trying to get attention by saying that her dad wants to remarry her mom, when Ana claims they aren't even divorced. "I think the video of a very sick Mr. Patton at this year’s reunion (which by the way, proved nothing) exemplifies the lengths Marysol will go to appear 'relevant' (the most overused word in the housewife lexicon)," Ana says.

We hope that Ana and Marysol will be able to patch things up at some time, but that doesn't seem likely at this point.

Source: Ana's blog

11.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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