Analysis of The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer: What Does It Mean?
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The Walking Dead

Analysis of The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer: What Does It Mean?

"We just lost 12 of our own." Yikes. Never mind asking if more people will die on The Walking Dead Season 4, it's spelled out right in the trailer! And that's probably early in the season, since they are still taping episodes before the Sunday, October 13 premiere.

AMC finally released an extended trailer of the new season, and it’s a good-un. The 4.5 minute preview tells us a lot about what’s coming down the zombie apocalypse pike. Watch it below. Here are some things that stood out to us right away.

1. There are lots of new people all over the place

At the start of the preview, we see Daryl Dixon leading a group on a supply run at Big Spot. One of the group members is a young kid, not known at this point, but presumably one of the former Woodbury people who ended up at the prison on the Season 3 finale. We see new character Bob Stookey (from the comics, played by The Wire's Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) in several key scenes, including telling Tyreese he wants to start earning his keep. We see Bob's hand shake, and that could be a reference to the character's haunted past.

2. Walkers are definitely a bigger threat

We'd been warned that Season 4 wouldn't skimp on the walkers. It’s already obvious there are more walkers and they are more of a danger, not just flies buzzing around the humans. In the preview, we see Carol talking to Daryl about a "pretty big buildup" of walkers overnight, including dozens more toward Tower 3. She thought the threat was manageable, but not for long. Cue someone getting attacked by walkers inside a cell block. Later in the preview, we see Michonne, new character Bob, Daryl and Tyreese go to town on a huge herd of walkers attacking their car, including Tyreese laying down the law with his hammer. That is going to be one helluva scene.

3. Someone is sabotaging the prison

It's a murder mystery! Someone is apparently feeding the walkers to make them even hungrier as they attack the prison fence. Plus, it sounds like somebody attacked a cell block. It's like Andrew letting walkers into the prison on Season 3, when they lost Lori and T-Dog. Is it The Governor doing some stealth work? He’s familiar with the prison at this point, and we know he’s a big part of the story this season. Does he have someone on the inside? (Bob?)

4. Lots of people are dying

Hershel: "We just lost 12 of our own. Two of them were killed in cold blood." Cold blood sounds like human-on-human combat. Carol notes at one point, "There's not a lot of us left." Michonne says at another point, “We’re losing the war.” Rick says, "You have to have numbers. People are the best defense against walkers or people." Hershel: "You step outside, you risk your life. Take a drink of water, you risk your life." (Did someone poison the water?!) And during that Big Spot supply run, we hear gunfire and shouts. So … maybe that young kid doesn’t live long?

Analysis of The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer: What Does It Mean?
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5. Main characters have expanded roles

We see Michonne riding her new horse, which Entertainment Weekly says is named Flame. Tyreese’s sister Sasha seems to have more of a leadership role, giving orders during the supply run. At one point, Tyreese looks horrified at something ... let's hope it's not his sister's body somewhere. Rick tells someone to calm down and Tyreese punches Rick. Related? Is that why Tyreese goes crazy on the walker herd, which almost looks suicidal? Because he's so upset about Sasha? Hmm. Also, check out Carol! She now seems to be a teacher who shows little girls how to use knives. She also takes action and puts herself in danger but not in her former damsel-in-distress way. She's come so far from Season 1. And is Beth now getting cozy with Daryl? She gave Rick a little kiss last season and now she's snuggling up to Carol's man. Come on, girl. Hershel is still giving important speeches, though. That has not changed.

6. The group may have to leave the prison

Since the prison is apparently increasingly unsafe, they may have to hit the road. Hershel: "We need a place to go. ... We might be safer outside those walls." Again. Sasha, Tyreese's sister, says if Woodbury were still in one piece, they could go there. But it isn't. Michonne is shown checking maps. Daryl: "Sooner or later, we run." Glenn to Maggie: “We have to go.”

7. There's a sanctuary?

At the end of the preview, we see Michonne, Daryl, Bob and Tyreese in the car, catching a voice on the radio talking about a sanctuary. A safe zone for the survivors? Somewhere new to go?

8. The Governor is ... nowhere

Not one shot of The Governor in the preview. Is he the one attacking the cell block, siccing the walkers on the prisoners? Maybe... The preview is also light on Carl (supposedly a big part of the season), and the newly engaged Glenn and Maggie.

9. The trailer song

In case you're wondering, the song in the trailer is called "Serpents" by Sharon Van Etten. Listen to it here. Here's a portion of the lyrics (via Lyricsmode):

“It was a close call,

Sitting in the back of the room with the boy... get on

But they didn't know,

Closing on my back, I feel safe at times

Certain emblems tell me it's time

Serpents in my mind, looking for your cries

Everything changes

I don't want life to this time

You enjoy sucking on dreams,

so I will fall asleep

with someone other than you,

I had a thought, you would take me

Seriously and listen up

Serpents in my mind,

I am searching for your cries

Everything changes, in time you'll stay, frozen in time..."

Watch the full trailer below. What stands out to you? Share with the class! Then catch up on more Walking Dead news, spoilers and updates at

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