The Walking Dead: Analysis of Pivotal Terminus Scene — Clues From Season 4 Finale (VIDEO)
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Analysis of Pivotal Terminus Scene — Clues From Season 4 Finale (VIDEO)

If there's any piece of The Walking Dead Season 4 you should re-watch religiously before Season 5 premieres in October, it's the section at Terminus.

AMC posted a three-minute video from finale Episode 16, "A," starting with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) realizing that Gareth (Andrew J. West), Alex and company were wearing stuff and thangs owned by Team Prison people.

We're still trying to figure out what's going on at Terminus, beyond the season-long hints that we might be heading into an adaptation of the cannibal storyline from the comics. What else is happening? Who are these people? What is their group dynamic? What happened to them in the past that led them to make the candle room, decide never to trust again, and herd people into train cars?

Watch the video below, and see what hints, questions, and answers you come up with — beyond these six.

1. Why Was Alex More Afraid of His Own People Than Rick?

The video below starts shortly after Terminus’s resident tour guide Alex answered Michonne’s (Danai Gurira) question about why they take people in. He said it’s because, when people become part of them, they get stronger.

While he said that, Rick was taking in the poncho, the watch, the prison riot gear, and the backpack, recognizing them as belonging to our group. He put a gun to Alex’s head, noting the sniper on the roof, asking how good was his aim. Alex told the roof guy, “Don't do anything, I have this. You just put it down! Put it down!” He sounded more worried about the sniper. He warned Rick, “There's a lot of us.” Alex and Gareth shared their lies about where they got the supplies. Then Alex, with a gun to his head, told Gareth, "Gareth, we can wait." Gareth quickly replied, “Shut up, Alex.” Wait … wait for what? Alex whined, “Gareth, please,” and Gareth told him to shut up. Alex seemed much less worried about Rick than Gareth and the other Termites with guns.

Gareth asked what Rick wanted, and Rick asked, “Where are our people?” Apparently that wasn’t an answer to the question, since Gareth closed his hand, signaling a shot … to Alex? It looked like it wasn’t Rick that killed Alex, but perhaps a shot from another Termite on the ground, across from them. It was a kill shot to kill Alex’s head, but our group was left alive. What’s up with that? Do they herd all visitors into train cars for feeding but kill any of their own who get caught in the crossfire?

2. They Were Herded Specifically Into the “A” Block

When Rick, Michonne, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) started running away from the Termites, they were herded into a particular direction, like rats in a maze. Once they got to a particular area, it was locked, closed off, or kept from them by bullets at their feet, pushing them into the “A” block. Just before the 2-minute mark, you can even hear what sounds like "Get 'em off B" or something on the walkie-talkies, possibly directing them away from the "B" block. What’s in B?

3. Terminus Has Seen Some Damage

Around the 1:51 mark, the foursome are running through Terminus through the "A" area and we see a banged up car and the walls of Terminus filled with holes — presumably from gunfire —- and some burnt windows. This whole area must've been the scene of some kind of battle.

4. There Are Bones on the Ground

This is part of why we've been thinking there are cannibals at Terminus. Just after the 2-minute mark, you see a bunch of bones and offal on the ground. They could be from animal carcasses, but ... why? Why is that stuff there? It's not like Woodbury or the prison or any “civilized” place just has a fenced off area with all this gross stuff on the ground.

5. People Crying For Help

Around 2:12, you can hear male and female voices crying for help, banging on metal. Daryl calls, "the hell?" and the camera pans over to two stacked train cars. How many people are being kept here?

6. The Candle Room Is a Memorial, But What Happened?

Around 2:25, we hit the candle room. All the candles are lit, which you'd think would be a fire hazard. Andrew J. West compared this room to a church, and it does seem like it's a memorial to the departed. Words on the wall say "NEVER AGAIN ... NEVER TRUST ... WE FIRST, ALWAYS." Below the words, around the candles, are little statues. They may be religious in nature. At 2:36 there's a great shot of the names on the ground, plus some locations. There's also a guitar and a stuffed animal, and other things that look like mementos, like the favorite items you'd put at a grave or a crash site on the side of the road. So was Terminus attacked in some way and this is their memorial? Did they open their doors in an honest way, like a real “sanctuary,” and they were taken advantage of, leading them to become cannibals … or just super creepy in other ways?

Watch the video and share what you think’s going on here. We’re supposed to learn a lot more about Terminus in Season 5, so it will be interesting to hear the story, and learn how we hear the story. Who is going to share the history? Gareth to Rick through the train car? Someone else in another context?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC.

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