Andi Dorfman Admits to Feeling “Defeated and Confused” About Josh Murray
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Andi Dorfman Admits to Feeling “Defeated and Confused” About Josh Murray

What a difference a week makes. In Marseilles, Josh Murray was ballin. In Venice? Bawlin. (See what we did there?) OK, he didn’t really cry, but his face got super intense. The problem? Andi Dorfman made her men take a lie detector test and Josh threw her shade for it. The duo had a pretty uncomfortable exchange, and Andi left the pow wow feeling wary.

In her People blog, the Atlantan reveals she “walked away from my conversation with Josh feeling defeated and confused.” Ruh roh. “Throughout the night,” she says, “all of the guys were joking about the lie detector test and Brian even made up his own lie detector test for me. The nighttime portion of the date was really going great, until I talked to Josh.” Dun, dun, dun.

The gang prosecutor is used to dealing with sketch balls, so Josh’s squirming may have sent off red flags. But she also writes that there’s a part of her that understands why the guy who’s been taking heat for being a former athlete didn’t like being put through the wringer yet again.

The Dorf writes that his frustration frustrated her because, “I had just come off a great date with him in Marseilles. I really wanted to pick up where we left off.” Yeah, he also wanted to pick up where you left off, Andi, in the place where you decided to trust him! He didn’t expect to have the Italian inquisition asking him whether he’s ever farted in public on primetime television...

Things obviously got back on track for J.Murr, since he got a rose and a ticket to Brussels. In her blog, Andi says the two made up at the pre-Rose Ceremony cocktail party, writing “hearing Josh talk about how he didn’t feel great about our last conversation made me feel like we were both on the same page again.” OK, so that means next week they’ll be back on the let’s make out every time we see each other page, and all will be right with the world. Whew. Close one.

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Source: Andi's People blog