Andi Dorfman and Chris Harrison Say Dylan Petitt Stood Out Episode 2 — How?
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The Bachelorette

Andi Dorfman and Chris Harrison Say Dylan Petitt Stood Out Episode 2 — How?

A lot went down on Episode 2 of Andi Dorfman’s Bachelorette. Two guys got a kiss, 14 men got their booty shake on, one dude drowned his nerve endings in booze, and three hopefuls lost hope. With so much going down in the mansion, it seems like it’d take a biblical plague to steal the spotlight. But Chris Harrison and Andi both believe one man managed to do it on the Memorial Day episode.

In her blog for People, Andi reveals “the biggest surprise had to be Dylan, though. He was the guy who was beyond nervous that first night, and there he was dancing up on Chris Harrison! Chris was such a good sport — hilarious!”

To what is she referring? During the “audience participation” portion of the Magic Mike date, the menfolk got fed to the wolves (i.e., female spectators) to shake their booties for tips. Dylan Petitt, the ultra shy accountant from Boston, took the opportunity to give host Chris Harrison an up close and personal look at his goodsies. Chris got a lap dance from the hottie that we’re betting Andi wishes she’d been on the receiving end of.

Chris agreed Dylan’s moves did make him stand out. He revealed in Entertainment Weekly that he “also really enjoyed Dylan taking time out of his group dance to give me a private lap dance. There are some memories on this show that stick with me forever, and unfortunately, and that will be one of them. As I told Andi, there’s no limit to the things I’ll endure to help her find love.” Endure, Chris? Enjoy is the verb you’re looking for there. Enjoy.

What did you think of Dylan’s lap dance performance? Would you have wanted to be in that audience, or no thank you?

Sources: Andi in People, Chris in Entertainment Weekly

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