Andi Dorfman: Chris Soules and I Make a “Very Cute Couple”
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Andi Dorfman: Chris Soules and I Make a “Very Cute Couple”

In a revelation that can only be described as duh, Andi Dorfman took to her blog to say she thinks she and Chris Soules make a very cute couple. Do you know what else makes a cute couple with Chris? Our socks, that lamp Brett Melnick brought Andi on premiere night, burnt toast, and pretty much everything else in the world… we could go on, but the boy just makes everything around him adorable by proximity.

The captainess of obvious went on to gush about her glamorous day at the races by saying, “my date with Chris was so refreshing. After that group date, I really needed Chris to come in and sweep me off my feet, and he really did.” Boy how. The guy who can rock a bow tie like nobody’s business engaged the Bachelorette in some serious lip lock.

“He really was the perfect person for that date,” she reveals, “and got me excited about the rest of my journey.” He gets us excited about everything. Ahem.

But what’s curiously missing from her summation of the date? She never once mentions her steamy makeout sesh with Chris that led us to have a sleepless night. Where are the deets on the kiss kiss? Tell us about his lips, Andi. TELL US ABOUT HIS LIPS. You could argue that maybe our gal doesn’t like to kiss and tell, but clearly that’s not the case, as she goes on to dish about her tongue tango with Josh Murray, writing “I loved my first kiss with Josh.”

Did she not love the kiss with Chris? Because that’s obviously unfathomable. Maybe she’s still so melty from it she can’t wrap her head around writing about it. Or maybe while they were kissing, Chris revealed he’s secretly in love with us and Andi just can’t move past it yet. Whatever the reason, we’ve rewatched the smoochiness 108 ½ times and feel confident giving it a rating of 22 on a scale of 10 for hotness. Kudos, guys. Your kissability is epic.

On a scale of cutest thing you’ve ever seen to cutest thing the world’s ever seen, what did you think of Andi’s date with Chris?

Source: Andi on People