Andi Dorfman Confronts Contestant About a Secret Girlfriend (VIDEO)
Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group    

The Bachelorette

Andi Dorfman Confronts Contestant About a Secret Girlfriend (VIDEO)

We have to admit that as much as we criticize ABC’s editing of The Bachelorette, we do kinda love the rush when watching the star go backwoods crazy on her lying suitor. So, you can imagine our joy when we saw Andi Dorfman confront a Season 10 contestant in the promo for the Episode 3 and 4 double header (this Sunday and Monday).

From the way they spliced it together, it looked like Josh Murray and JJ O’Brien were getting on smooth-talking Andrew Poole for his secret girlf. But a newly released clip shows Andi sitting down with Chicago limo-pusher Cody Sattler.

The 27-year-old gang prosecutor is plenty used to cross-examining baddies, so we’re a little surprised that she seems so hesitant to talk to Sean Bro. But she gets right down to it, telling Macklemore’s meatier doppelganger that the guys in the house have said Cody has a girlfriend.

Uh oh, is Andi getting Justin Rego’d? We highly doubt it, since crossing an assistant district attorney seems too meatheaded, even for a Bachelorette contestant. Check out the clip and then tell us where you think it goes from there.

Oh, and while you’re weighing in, how ‘bout you hit the comments and discuss what it could be that Josh and JJ are schooling Andrew about.