Bachelorette Andi Dorfman Reveals the Real Reason She Cut Marcus Grodd
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Bachelorette Andi Dorfman Reveals the Real Reason She Cut Marcus Grodd

In a season full of forehead-smacking moments, we've kind of wondered if Bachelorette Andi Dorfman regrets some of her choices. The biggest one (until the finale, that is): cutting sweetheart hottie, Marcus Grodd.

The 26-year-old sports medicine manager expressed his love to Andi way early on, making us cringe a little each time he repeated it. So, was his out-of-the-gate declaration the reason he was cut after Hometown Dates?

Although Andi said back on the episode that she wasn't sure she could get there in time, her post-"Men Tell All" blog gives a different reason.

The former assistant district attorney says that Marcus "did everything right," but still missed the mark on the connection. "He's the perfect example of how everything can be great on paper, but it doesn't always equal great love," she writes. If by "on paper" she means "abs for days and blue eyes we want to swim in," then we totally feel her.

But she continues to explain that her adios wasn't because of his lovey dovey-ness. "It was important to me for Marcus to know that I wasn't scared by how early he declared his feelings for me. I loved hearing Marcus say that he believed that if you love somebody, you should tell her every day, and I hope he never changes."

Aww, that's sweet. And clearly she's not the only one who thinks he's a total package. Word on the street is his second ABC dating experience, on Bachelor in Paradise works out a whole lot better.

Andi adds, "Whoever ends up with him next will be one lucky lady," and she's not wrong... Forget hearing "I love you" daily, how bout a regular striptease regimen?

Source: Andi Dorfman’s People blog