Andi Dorfman Talks About Dad Hy Meeting Her Guys and What Worried Her Most
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Andi Dorfman Talks About Dad Hy Meeting Her Guys and What Worried Her Most

We all know about Chris Bukowski’s surprise appearance on the premiere of Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette, but it turns out there was another party crasher that night — Andi’s dad, Hy Dorfman. Mr. D is famous for the major shade he threw at Juan Pablo Galavis on Season 18 Hometown Dates, so it’d be understandable if his unannounced pop-in (pun intended) made some of the guys run for cover. But it turns out Andi was the one most shell-shocked by Hy’s hello.

In her People blog Andi writes, “my dad spent some time with the guys and that made me really, really anxious. I love my father so much but I didn't want him to intimidate or scare any of the guys.” Since almost every guy admitted they were sweaty nervous to begin with, it’s understandable Andi wouldn’t want her dad to terrify them more.

But it seems, despite Hy’s tough rep, Andi didn’t really have much to worry about. “To my pleasant surprise,” the Bachelorette writes, “each of the guys loved talking to my father — or at least that’s what they told me! He was a huge hit that night and everyone seemed to enjoy him.” It’s tough to sound articulate on Night 1, but it sounds like the guys kept it together enough not to tell the daddy’s girl how much Hy scared them.

No word on whether Papa D shared his opinion of the men with Andi, but it seems he kept his lips sealed since she continued, “I wonder if he had any guesses about who he would meet at the end?” Oh, Hy knows. HE SEES EVERYTHING.

What do you think of Hy showing up to Andi’s opening night? Awkward or sweet?

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Source: Andi’s blog on People