Andi Dorfman Designs a $48 T-Shirt, Is Labeled a \
Andi Dorfman Designs a $48 T-Shirt, Is Labeled a “Sell Out” by Fans (PHOTO)
Credit: Andi on Instagram    

The Bachelorette

Andi Dorfman Designs a $48 T-Shirt, Is Labeled a “Sell Out” by Fans (PHOTO)


Like many former Bachelorettes and Bachelor contestants before her, Andi Dorfman is using her fame from the ABC dating franchise to branch out into a career in fashion. But unlike many before her, the Atlantan is getting quite a bit of heat for the move, and a lot of mixed reviews.

Andi Dorfman Designs a $48 T-Shirt, Is Labeled a “Sell Out” by Fans (PHOTO)
Credit: Andi on Instagram    

On December 8, Andi debuted a T-shirt she designed for Southward Apparel on Instagram. The shirt, a graphic tee with the word “Love” spelled out on it, substitutes a Georgia peach for the “O.” Andi captioned the photo of her new shirt with “Introducing my ‘Love Tee.’ So excited for this collaboration with @southwardapparel. Check it out! Hope you love it! Get yours today!”

Followers jumped on the 28-year-old former assistant district attorney by criticizing everything from the design of the shirt itself, to Andi’s decision to attempt a career in fashion instead of returning to law. One commenter wrote, “I thought you were an attorney. Lame.” Another said simply, “Sellout #unfollow.” Yet another wrote, “WTH? And everyone thought you were in it for love. LOL.”

The most elaborate criticism came from one former fan who wrote, “I think many of us fell in love with Andi from the get go because she was a young and successful Assistant DA. That's a huge accomplishment and many saw her as a role model. However, designing a t-shirt for a company that sells it for $48, or promoting a coupon app, or pushing so many other products, just seems wrong and much less impressive than a career in law. It's just too much promoting for too many things that we lose sight of what we loved about you. Just my two cents.” The comment got tons of likes and “agreed!” comments.

Another follower just thought the shirt’s design wasn’t all that great, and that Andi should stick to what she knows. “The design isn't original at all. Hate to be a hater, but it's just not creative. Not everyone is meant to be in the design of clothing. That's why she went to law school. To do something she's good at and loves. I'd love to be a singer, but too bad I'm the worst singer on earth.” Ouch!

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Source: Andi on Instagram