Andi Dorfman Dishes About Her Top Three Men and Fantasy Suite Dates
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Andi Dorfman Dishes About Her Top Three Men and Fantasy Suite Dates

Shout it from the rooftops — Fantasy Suite dates are upon us! That means we’re going to get to see something we’ve never seen before: Andi Dorfman making out with three men in one episode! Oh, wait, um… Awkward.

We’re so excited to see Andi and her remaining suitors — Josh Murray, Nick Viall, and Chris Soules — head to the Domincan Republic for some good old fashioned romancin’. What can we expect from Andi’s 1-on-1 time in triplicate? In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, the Dorf was pretty mum about what goes down in the Dominican, instead choosing to rub it in our faces that a lot of it wasn’t recorded for posterity.

"The dynamic of it is really, like, the cameras go away," she says. "All the producers go away, all the cameras go away, and it is you and that person in whatever magical suite or house you're in that evening. So it really is as true as they say it is. Nothing's recorded, at least not that I know of ... everyone goes away and it's just the two of y'all."

The convo then turned to how well the three remaining men fit into Andi’s type. Andi dished “I would say Josh is along the lines of my type of guy for sure...obviously then you have Nick and Chris, who are totally not my type, but still there’s something there with them.”

Ryan comes back with, “so then the question is do you stay on the path of your type or do you get out of your comfort zone?” Well, Andi?

The Hotlantan dodges the question in true assistant D.A. fashion, answering, “that’s the question. And this season I’ve definitely learned to kind of separate the type from the person. Josh falls into that category of my type: the athlete, the outgoing, really fun guy. But there’s a part of me that sees he’s a different person than my type.”

Of the guys who are “totally not” her type, she says “Nick has the smile, but he also has the intellect. He’s a guy that’s very mentally stimulating and very passionate and he’s the guy that you feel like a woman around.” As for Chris, she dishes “I can tell you who has the best hands. Chris has these manly worker hands. He’s got some great hands.”

Does she know that because she got up close and personal with those hands in the Fantasy Suite? And how well will Josh being her “type” translate into chemistry during an overnight stay? Oooooo, questions we can’t wait to find out the answers to on tonight’s episode!

Source: On Air With Ryan Seacrest