Andi Dorfman Describes Her Dream Guy the Year Before Meeting Josh Murray!
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Andi Dorfman Describes Her Dream Guy the Year Before Meeting Josh Murray!

A lot can change in a year, and in Andi Dorfman’s case, that “a lot” includes going on The Bachelor, having a brutal on-screen breakup with said casanova (Juan Pablo Galavis, duh), becoming the Bachelorette, and getting engaged to the love of her life, Josh Murray. Whew! But just one year ago, this Georgia gal had landed herself on JEZEBEL’s 20 Most Eligible Atlantans 2013 list, and she was spilling all on her dream man (someone cue up the Michael Bublé!).

So how does Josh match up to Andi’s 2013 “perfect mate”? Let’s have a look-see, shall we? “Someone who is confident (but not cocky), funny, athletic and knows how to change a light bulb,” the then-26-year-old answers. Whoa, this is pretty spot on for JMurrs. Confident? Check. Funny? All she could talk about is how much he made her laugh — check. Athletic? C’mon, the dude’s a former pro baseball player… check! And we’re not totally sure about the whole changing the lightbulb thing, but Josh seems smart enough, and he’s got height on his side.

All in all, looks like Andi found her perfect fella, so thank goodness she locked him down. Other notes for her future hubby: “Cheaters, insecure guys, and anyone who turns off my family” are her dealbreakers (thank god Josh got the Hy stamp of approval); and her biggest turn-on is “confidence, in shape, good family, and someone you can be goofy with.” Does anyone else feel like Andi is a clairvoyant?!

Other notable bits from the list? Andi’s guilty pleasure was “reality TV” — ha! Also, she’s joined on the prestigious list by fellow Bachelor 18 contestant Kelly Travis! In fact, Andi just told JEZEBEL this week that before she and Kelly bonded on the show, they actually didn’t get along.

“The first time I met Kelly was the first night of our season,” the former gang prosecutor recalled. “We didn’t hit it off immediately. We were both eyeing each other up and down — we did not like each other. Now she’s one of my best friends.”

Wow, not only did Andi find her bestie and future hubby on the ABC franchise, she could have plausibly known them both without the help of reality TV. This is all blowing our minds.

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