Andi Dorfman Dumps Nick Viall Before Proposal! Bachelorette 2014 Shocker (VIDEO)
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The Bachelorette

Andi Dorfman Dumps Nick Viall Before Proposal! Bachelorette 2014 Shocker (VIDEO)

Well, you can add “life ruiner” to Andi Dorfman’s resume, as the Season 10 Bachelorette just totally ruined Nick Viall’s life in a way Regina George would’ve been proud of. Instead of just stopping by the 33-year-old’s room and dropping a post-it saying “Hey, I’m picking Josh Murray. Sorry, don’t ever change!” she had it out with the hopeful hopeful.

Thanks to a little thing called memory (and editing), Andi brought up the super painful story of that time Nick’s last engagement ended terribly in a shrapnel pile of his feelings. Andi started casually, as SBD killers do, but quickly laid on the pain. “I woke up this morning and didn’t feel like something was right,” she started dramatically. “I can’t go through with something that I don’t think is right… the feeling is not right. It’s not what I envisioned. It’s not right, today isn’t right.”

Noticeably shocked and totally silent for once, Nick sat calmly, though he couldn’t look at her when he asked her when she started feeling that he wasn’t the one. “The things I see with us is ultimately not what I think is best for us,” she stammered. “Knowing that intensity between us, I felt that worry about there being so much intensity and overanalyzing…. A life with you would be me over analyzing every single moment.”

While we’re pretty sure that’s called “thinking,” we weren’t there, and we have to say that this is the point when we became firmly “Team Nick,” at least in that moment… He told her that when he told her she loved him and she reacted as she did, he took it that she was on the same page.

“Every time I looked at you, everytime I kissed you, I did mean it,” she protested through tears.

Nick asked Andi the tough question (how do you pick just one?): “Is this more about us or is this more about someone else?” Andi shrugged, saying, “I don’t know.”

Laughing nervously through tears, Nick swore before going on. “I woke up so confident, just because of us. Sometimes I feel like you took it too far. When we were in the water I just remember after I told you I loved you and you said ‘I wish I could say things back.’ Just certain things I wish you wouldn’t have said or done.” Fair, mister, fair point.

But in the ultimate “we misjudged Nick” moment, he asked Andi one last time to check in with herself before letting her let him go. “I just hope that you’re a million percent sure and not scared.” She said “yep,” and then with an “okay,” (her favorite word), he walked her to the door.

Somehow, producers were able to make it rain in paradise, and after tossing rose petals in the garbage can, Nick got in the shame van to the airport. Sobbing, he said “She asked me to trust her about a lot of things. She took things too far but she’s obviously got feelings for Josh. I just felt like we got each other, was so confident. I thought we had… I was so confident about us. God, what’s she doing? We had something. It’s hard to swallow. I really thought she loved me. Finding that person to spend your life with is the most important thing to me. That sucks the most… that’s the part I was so looking forward to. And I thought that’s what she wanted. It hurts.”

We know, buddy.