Bachelorette 2014: Did Andi Dorfman Make a Mistake Sending Chris Soules Home? (POLL)
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Bachelorette 2014: Did Andi Dorfman Make a Mistake Sending Chris Soules Home? (POLL)

Every part of me feels like an idiot,” Andi Dorfman said through tears in tonight’s Bachelorette Season 10 Fantasy Suites episode. And many viewers will agree that the Atlanta lawyer made a big mistake (huge!) sending home fan fave and hunky farmer Chris Soules. So did she mess up big time, or was it for the best?

That’s an internal debate we’ve been having ever since Andi made the adorable, good ol’ Iowa boy verge on tears. Seriously, anyone who makes those dimples disappear is slightly evil, in our opinion. Just kidding, we still love you Andi, but how dare you!

Things got off to a rough start when the 27-year-old tried to cite Chris’s home state of Iowa as the source of her hesitation. Sadly, the poor guy was just not picking up on context clues, gushing to first the ABC cameras and then Andi herself about his deep feels.

“Alls I want to do is fall in love with you and that’s what’s happening… I say I’m falling in love with you but I really am in love with you,” he admits. Oh dear, this is going to end ugly.

And it did, as Andi immediately broke down into tears. “I can sit here and blame Iowa, or say I can’t see myself in Iowa — which is partly true. But there’s also a part of me that knows it’s a lot of that I don’t see the foundation with us. I don’t think it’s fair to make you sit here for days and wait for a rose ceremony… I wish someone had just done the right thing to me and said ‘I’ve tried and tried but can’t get there.’”

Needless to say, Chris was pretty shell shocked by it all, though, staying true to his usual charming self, he thanked her for her honesty and told her he’s “lucky that you care for me enough to tell me.”

Of course, Andi (and the rest of America) could feel that she might have screwed up, kicking a hot, super successful — dude’s a millionaire! — and totally sweet Midwestern boy to the curb. “Look at you — the kind of person you are!” she dutifully pointed out. “How kind you are, smart, successful, the family you have. Everything on paper… My head and heart don’t match up. It doesn’t match up.”

Now, Chris was right to say that “you can’t control your feelings” and it’s probably better to go on your gut. But then look at Bachelorette 9’s Desiree Hartsock and her fiancé Chris Siegfriedher heart may have steered her toBrooks Forester at first, but she was better off all along with (much bigger catch) her head’s choice, Chris. Hmmm...

Do you think Andi messed up on this one? Should she have given him a chance in the Fantasy Suite? Vote in the poll below:

You've got to follow your heart.

She's going to regret this.