Andi Dorfman Explains Choosing Cody Sattler Over Marquel Martin in Episode 5
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Andi Dorfman Explains Choosing Cody Sattler Over Marquel Martin in Episode 5

There are some decisions we will just never understand: Wearing that shirt Josh Murray did at the Rose Ceremony, following Chris Harrison's lead and wearing turtlenecks in public, and picking Cody Sattler — or anyone, for that matter — over Marquel Martin. On the June 16 episode, all three sins were committed, and Andi Dorfman explained the latter in her People blog this week.

With one rose left on the France-set episode, Andi handed it over to fitness enthusiast Cody, sending Marquel home to Vegas. So what bout of craziness caused Andi's momentary lapse in flower-giving prowess?

"What you didn’t get to see was right before I handed out roses, Cody pulled me at the last second to tell me how badly he wanted a rose," Andi writes this week. "I really loved that he had the confidence to do that, and he really let me know that he was here for me."

So, was his eleventh hour appeal the reason he made it past Prints Charming? The Bachelorette claims nope, limo pusher Cody was always gonna get a lapel flower. "What Cody didn’t know was that I was always going to give him a rose that night."

No offense to Cody, who is obviously really genuine and takes this thing very seriously, but we're still scratching our heads over that move. Earth to Andi: Marquel brought you cookies. All Cody brought was Muscle Milk.

Source: Andi's People blog

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