Andi Dorfman Explains Her Type — And Whether She Branched Out in the End
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Andi Dorfman Explains Her Type — And Whether She Branched Out in the End

While Andi Dorfman has a passel of hot men to choose from, she revealed on her Season 10 Premiere that she definitely has a type. So, will she find a bunch of her Bachelorette contestants to connect with, or only hang with what she’s used to?

In our first intro to “dating with Andi,” she identified only one of her contestants as her “type” — 29-year-old athlete Josh Murray. However, that would be quite the boring show if she just stuck to him, and the gang prosecutor noted “there’s a reason I’m single,” meaning maybe her go-to type isn’t working out all that well for her. So will the 27-year-old try to break old habits, or will she stick to her tried and not-so true?

In an interview with E! News, the woman of the hour reveals “I think I want to go for someone who is different and not really my type, but I’m learning everyone is different and there really is no ‘type’ of person.” That sounds a bit like back peddling to cover for wanting to try something new, but not sticking to it for long. Like a juice cleanse or exercising.

While she claims to want to try on a different kind of guy, the beauty seems firmly drawn to tall, handsome, and worldly — duh, given. Along with physical perfection and a bulging passport, the Hotlantan has said she’s looking for a family guy as well as someone who’s confident. Hmmmmm, we feel like we’ve seen that combo recently. Who was that again? Oh yeah, in their first solo time, Josh M. mentioned his mama right off the bat and Andi remarked on the financial services manager’s confidence. Check and check. Or as Andi put it, “nailed it, pegged it, damn.”

But what of the other gents? Our gal remarked that cookie master Marquel Martin “had some swag to him,” which should fill that desired confidence quota. She also called Marcus Grodd worldly and practically swooned over his ability to speak 6 words of basic German (sorry, Andi, “mundo” that is not). And her ovaries tingled for Nick Viall when he revealed he had 10 siblings, though she did say that she gave her First Impression Rose to a guy she wouldn’t normally be attracted to — and then gave it to Nick. So...

Is our newest woman crush really going to try and go off script and date someone she normally wouldn’t? After their couch talk, Andi said DJ Tasos Hernandez “is very interesting. He’s very handsome but very different from what I’m used to dating. There’s just something so intriguing about him.” Tasos made it through to Week 2, so it appears our golden girl is giving it the old college try. But for how long? Check out who Andi picks and give her a grade on her ability to diversify.

What do you think, should Andi try and branch out from her type or does her type, aka Josh Murry, look pretty good to you?

Source: E! News