When Are Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray Having a Baby? You Might Be Surprised…
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When Are Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray Having a Baby? You Might Be Surprised…

Remember all those pesky rumors about how Andi Dorfman was already totes preggers, even before her Bachelorette Season 10 finale aired on July 28? Well, while she thought it was pretty hilarious, it seems that her winner, Josh Murray, wouldn’t have been all that bummed by the news.

During their appearance on Kelly & Michael, Andi confirmed she’s definitely not knocked up, and Josh quickly followed with, “Not yet, not yet.” Probably a good thing, considering one of the next questions from the hosts had to do with when Andi and Nick Viall put the “fantasy” in Fantasy Suites right before Josh did… Maybe good to have a waiting period? But we digress.

The pair is currently musing about a spring wedding in 2015, and Josh can barely contain his need to breed, if his latest interview jokes are to be believed. "I mean, I would have [had] a baby yesterday!" Josh told TVGuide.com the day after he and Andi made their public debut. "We'll wait until she's ready and then we'll start popping them out one after another."

Whoa there, Fertile Myrtle. Slow your roll. Not to be total prudes or anything, but someone might want to tell Andi that Josh is aching in his man uterus for a baby so she can be on guard. Perhaps separate sleeping standards — a la Sean Lowe — are in order?

What do you think about the possibility of another Bachelor Nation baby in the works?

Source: Kelly & Michael, TVGuide.com