Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray Already Dealing With Rumors of Relationship Trouble
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Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray Already Dealing With Rumors of Relationship Trouble

Somewhere in Chicago (we imagine a shadowy speakeasy), Nick Viall is putting the finishing touches on his Josh Murray voodoo doll’s eyebrows and giggling with glee. What’s turning McSalty into McSmiley? If OK Magazine is to be believed, Josh and Andi Dorfman’s forever love is turning out to be more like four-month love.

According to the mag’s insider, there’s already trouble in the land of MurrDorf: “There are major jealousy, control and trust issues...Josh is insecure — and Andi is finding it really unattractive.” Apparently the jealousy reached a breaking point when Nick decided the After the Final Rose special was the place to announce Andi had given him more than just a flower in the Fantasy Suite.

“Josh is still disgusted,” says a source. “He tries to act laid-back, but the whole thing 
is really bugging 

During filming of The Bachelorette, Andi was the one who made it clear she had problems trusting Josh due to his background as an athlete. Now it seems the tables are turned, and “Andi feels like Josh doesn’t trust her in the slightest.” The source says that the jealousy also comes with a “bad temper.”

The Dorf is also taking issue with the fact that J.Murrs hasn’t been letting her speak for herself on the post-show media tour. “Josh would take control and answer questions for her. Sometimes he barely let her get a word in. She’s had to tell him to let her speak for herself a number of times.” Girlfriend does like to talk, so we’re sure she shut her other half down on that one in no time. In fact, every interview we’ve seen with them he’s been the one barely getting a word in... just sayin.

Regardless, all of this buzz seems highly speculative to us. Not only that, but judging by their recent lovey-dovey social media posts, these two are doing just fine. We’re rooting for you two!

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Source: OK Magazine