Chris Harrison Says Andi Dorfman Still Had Doubts About Josh Murray Post-Date
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Chris Harrison Says Andi Dorfman Still Had Doubts About Josh Murray Post-Date

It was clear to just about everybody, including Josh Murray himself, that Andi Dorfman had her reservations about the former pro baseball player. Though after the two had their first intimate 1-on-1 date in June 16’s Episode 5, it seemed like the Bachelorette’s concerns were completely washed away by Josh’s deep thoughts and charm. But not so fast, says Chris Harrison.

The genius behind Da Vinci took to his Entertainment Weekly blog this week to dish on his first hand account of the gang prosecutor and her gaggle of guys’ time in Marseilles. Just like the rest of us, one of the things that stood out for Host Harrison was just how smashingly well things went between Andi and Josh on their seaside date.

“Josh finally got his first one-on-one date with Andi,” Chris recounts. “He had to wait a while but the wait was worth it. Getting to walk along the harbor then take out a sailboat to one of the many islands just off the coast was an incredibly romantic experience.” Well, yea!

However, despite the clear physical attraction the Dorf feels for Josh, Chris spills that even he noticed that she had her guard up around him, thanks to her less successful history with dating pro athletes (aka “cheaters” in Andi’s eyes).

“Andi is really attracted to Josh but she just hasn’t been able to get past the fact that he’s the same type of guy she always gets burned by,” Chris writes. It’s hard to buck a type, we get it!

But while he does applaud the pair for laying everything out on the table during their dinner chat, he also reveals that Andi wasn’t as calmed by the conversation as she appeared. “The fact that they are both so open about this really helped put some of her worries at ease, but later on she told me it’s still a lingering issue. There’s no doubt the physical chemistry is there between them, but the question for Andi is, is there depth?”

Wow, we really thought that Josh admitting to Andi that he too was cheated on by an ex would have changed her mind completely. That being said, we are pleasantly surprised that our girl is still being cautious and putting her head before her heart. Don’t let that brilliant mind be blinded by a bright smile or baby blues, Andi dear! (No tea, no shade to Josh. He seems lovely thus far.)

Are you surprised that Andi still has her reservations? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Chris's Entertainment Weekly blog

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