Andi Dorfman on Josh Murray: It’s More Than Just a Physical Connection
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Andi Dorfman on Josh Murray: It’s More Than Just a Physical Connection

Episode 5 should just be renamed the episode in which Josh Murray wins — except, oops, we forgot Andi Dorfman totally isn’t a prize and we can’t say “win”. The baller totally nailed it (that’s prob not better, huh?) during his 1-on-1 in Marseilles, where the two made out on a beach and then talked about how there’s totally more between them than just making out. And in her People blog, Andi describes their 1-on-1 as “perfect” and says the duo “bonded.”

Though the date ended picture perfect, in her blog Andi reveals that she totally had a case of the butterflies beforehand. “I’m not gonna lie, I was extremely nervous going into this date because I always had my guard up with Josh...I was hoping to conquer those nerves on this date.” We’d say she netted those butterflies!

But why is she so nervous around the tall, dark and handsome fella? By now we know that Josh is totes Andi’s type but that he’s also an athlete, which Andi has lumped into one big stereotype that makes her gun shy (she thinks they all cheat). But during their uneaten dinner, Josh blows Andi’s mind when he reveals he’s been the one cheated on in past relationships. Andi’s heart squeals and she reveals that she’s also been cheated on, which must mean they’re meant to be.

I enjoyed the fact that both Josh and I were willing to open up about our past relationships,” she writes, “especially when it came to our insecurities regarding faithfulness. I think it was something that Josh and I bonded over.”

The revelation was enough to get Andi’s heart purring, because she continues, “I remember taking a deep breath and telling Josh that for the first time, I felt like I was letting my guard down with him and was allowing myself to enjoy our great connection.” Then they made out again.

In between makeout sessions, the two went on to enjoy a private concert by Ben Fields. Of course the dude gets the rose (Josh, not Ben Fields), which Andi says she handed over because “not only was the physical connection there, but we were getting to know each other on a whole new level.” Sigh. What do you think their babies will look like?

What did you think of Andi’s 1-on-1 with Josh? Do you agree their love reached new heights?

Source: Andi’s People blog