Andi Dorfman “Loved” Her First Kiss With Josh Murray in Episode 2
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Andi Dorfman “Loved” Her First Kiss With Josh Murray in Episode 2

We’re not even really sure how it happened — one minute Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray were sitting on a couch getting their super awkward giggly flirt on, and the next minute they’d found a dark bush to hide behind and start making out. Conclusion? Josh is a ninja. A giggling, red-faced, rambling kiss ninja. So how did Andi take the sneak attack on her lip space?

In her blog for People, kissable cutie Andi gushed, “I loved my first kiss with Josh. He was so nervous, and I found it so adorable!” Nervous doesn’t quite seem to cover it. We’ve never seen a man specimen that handsome and accomplished fail to string a sentence together in the presence of a lady.

The baller got so jitter-tastic he had to block Andi’s face from view with his flipper, and yet he still turned a shade of pink reserved for lawn flamingos and Kool-Aid. The only logical explanation is that the force of Craig Muhlbauer’s man crush on Josh was so strong it caused a Freaky Friday moment at that exact moment, launching the boozehound’s essence into Josh’s unsuspecting body. Josh and Andi never knew what hit ‘em, and Craig went home rose-less but happy.

Good thing Andi had Josh’s chiseled face to focus on and could ignore the words coming out of his mouth. “I like a man who just goes in for the kiss,” she wrote. “And in front of the mansion, dancing, that was the perfect moment. So romantic!” Note she wrote she loved her “first kiss” with Josh, meaning she’s expecting there to be more. Sounds like, despite the awkwardness of it all, the lips said what the man couldn’t.

What did you think of their first kiss? Too awkward or too cute?

Source: People