Andi Dorfman Reveals Josh Murray’s Romantic Gesture We Didn’t See on TV! (VIDEO)
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Andi Dorfman Reveals Josh Murray’s Romantic Gesture We Didn’t See on TV! (VIDEO)

Most Bachelorette fans would say Josh Murray’s Hometown date with Andi Dorfman was a success — he showed off his baseball skills, played the irresistibly cute dog card, and got his mom to confirm his feelings to the Bachelorette. However, Andi just revealed the former baller actually won her over with a “hugely romantic gesture” that didn’t even make it to our TV screens! So what did he do?

In her People blog this week, Andi reminisced about her Tampa, Florida, date with the 29-year-old hunk. In the recap, she recalled how honored she felt to share some time on the baseball diamond with Josh, considering how important the sport once was in his life. But it was a quieter moment at the park that really stood out to her.

“My favorite moment, though, is something you didn't get to see!” Andi writes. “Josh made this hugely romantic gesture and gave me a bouquet of ten roses. Josh went on to explain that the first seven of the roses symbolized the amount I had given him so far, and that the remaining three symbolized the roses that he hoped I would give him, including that final rose. A very bold gesture, but very romantic!”

Wow, we’re surprised the producers opted out of showing that! Josh has been historically more guarded with his feelings, so this sort of display of sweeping romance sure would change viewers’ tunes — as it certainly did for Andi!

We did have our suspicions that Josh might be a big ol’ softie after seeing him with his family this week when dude was weeping something fierce at their reunion. That show of affection between the Murrays also resonated with Andi.

“I was happy to see how interested the family was in Josh and how supportive and happy they were for him!” she says. “I was genuinely surprised when Josh’s mom told me that Josh was definitely in love. That made me feel so much better about the hometown and what Josh and I were building.”

You done good, Joshy. Now don’t let that all fall apart during Fantasy Suites! That promo has us worrying...

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Source: Andi Dorfman’s People blog