Andi Dorfman Is Doing THIS That Juan Pablo Couldn’t, Says Chris Harrison
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The Bachelorette

Andi Dorfman Is Doing THIS That Juan Pablo Couldn’t, Says Chris Harrison

That sound you just heard was Chris Harrison breathing a huge sigh of relief. Indeed, after spending a contention-filled Bachelor season trying to get Juan Pablo Galavis to reveal the slightest hint of emotional vulnerability, Andi Dorfman’s season appears to be shaping up quite differently. So how would Chris compare the two rose hander-outers?

Chris tells Parade that viewers saw Andi’s “tough, strong side” when she called Juan Pabs out during his season, but she won’t have too much need for confrontation as the Bachelorette. “She’s a breath of fresh air, obviously coming off the season with Juan Pablo and a tumultuous season — controversial, to say the least,” Chris says. Based on what they’ve filmed of her season, Chris calls her “self-deprecating” and “sincere” and says “she’s done a good job so far.”

We’ve never had a doubt that Andi would be a perfect Bachelorette, so we’re not surprised things are going so well for her. It’s also apparent that Chris still hasn’t moved on from his contentious convo with Juan Pablo during the Season 18 finale. And the fact that he describes Andi as “sincere” and “self-deprecating” — which might not be the first words you would choose to describe JPG — suggest Chris is worried that viewers are feeling burned by the season, too.

But the main difference between Andi and JPG seems to be in how they’re approaching the show. “Well, just for a Bachelor or Bachelorette to work, you have to give yourself up. I go back to Juan Pablo—that’s one of the things he had trouble with. He’s very controlling and you really have to lose control,” says the host of 27 seasons. Vulnerable is the name of the game, and it sounds like it’s been a big asset for the new girl in charge. “That’s what Andi’s doing a good job of right now, and it’s what Juan Pablo didn’t do a good job of.”

Long story short, we could not possibly be more excited for Andi’s season! Plus, if Andi’s eyebrows ever need to get smoothed down during a tense moment on the show, she’ll always know who to call.

Do you like what you’re hearing thus far about Andi’s season? And do you think Chris is being too hard on Juan Pablo?

Source: Parade