Bachelor Star Andi Dorfman: Juan Pablo Is “Borderline Narcissistic” (VIDEO)
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The Bachelor

Bachelor Star Andi Dorfman: Juan Pablo Is “Borderline Narcissistic” (VIDEO)

Last we saw Andi Dorfman, she was calling Juan Pablo Galavis out all over the Fantasy Suites episode of The Bachelor. Fast forward six television days — and over three months real time — from when it first happened, and it seems that the frontrunner to be the Season 10 Bachelorette hasn’t changed her tune. On tonight’s “Women Tell All,” she talks to Chris Harrison about that fateful confrontation, walking off, and how she feels about facing him again.

In the sneak peek, released on The Bachelor’s Facebook page, Chris asks the aqua-clad Andi whether she was in love with Juan Pablo when she said adios in St. Lucia. "I wasn't in love. I think in that moment, I felt I was close to falling in love with him,” she reveals.

Chris asks if, during Andi’s time in the Fantasy Suites, she could discern whether or not Juan Pablo felt like he was doing a good job as Bachelor. Her response is just as snappy as we could’ve imagined, since she says “I think he thinks he was a very good Bachelor.” Ouch, we love the way she compartmentalizes his feelings apart from her own. But then she takes the gloves off, saying “I think it was borderline narcissistic to the point where he was going to go down as the best El Bachelor in history.”

Bachelor Star Andi Dorfman: Juan Pablo Is “Borderline Narcissistic” (VIDEO)
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The “Women Tell All” crowd was clearly amused by her comments, and several of the girls laughed appreciatively, including first night shunned Kylie Lewis and Lauren Higginson. Fellow departee Sharleen Joynt and newly engaged Renee Oteri were less pronounced in their agreement, so we’re not sure if they are on the same page or not.

Hmm, we get that things didn’t exactly end up rosy for Andi and Juan Pablo, but was it really that bad? Yes, says Andi, who continues to support her show-aired statement that “there’s just some things you don’t say to someone if you care about them. If you care about someone, you don’t tell them that you just had an overnight date, you don’t tell them that they barely made it here. You’ve got to look at it in totality. Being there and hearing all this, I was so done at a point, that it was such a turn-off. It wasn’t a turn off that he said one thing and I can get past it. It was him. I was turned off by him.”

Still, she says in the clip that she’s “nervous” to see him when he comes out, but that makes one of us. You could sum our feelings up as “excited, with a glass of wine.”

Check out the full clip of Andi in the hot seat and then tune in to see her talk face-to-face with Juan Pablo, and all the TV magic of “Women Tell All” tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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