Andi Dorfman Lashes Out on Twitter — Who’s She Mad At?
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Andi Dorfman Lashes Out on Twitter — Who’s She Mad At?

Andi Dorfman may be one of the luckiest ladies in all the land — she’s got a caravan of handsome men eating out of her hand, an ABC-provided wardrobe, and a travel itinerary that’s the envy of anyone with wanderlust — but it seems like girlfriend still woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

The Hotlantan tweeted before the sun was even up, “I find it ironic reading the tweets and blogs that bite the very hand that fed them..” Uh….WTF? Who’s that shade aimed at, Andi?

The only blog we’ve seen recently — and that happened to come out yesterday, hmm timing — that sorta, halfway disses on the show was Sharleen Joynt’s hilarious recap on her All the Pretty Pandas blog. The opera singer isn’t afraid to point out the quirky, behind-the-scenes elements of the series that make dating on a reality TV show (gasp) not all that real.

“The fact is,” Shar writes in her blog, “in this alternate reality, one person in what should be an equal relationship is calling the shots and essentially holds all the power. SHE LITERALLY SENDS PEOPLE HOME BY NOT GIVING THEM ROSES.”

Even if Andi does think the blog goes a little far in its #realtalk, aren’t Shar and the Dorf friends? After all, the fellow Juan Pablo Galavis survivor traveled to L.A. to get a front row giggle with Andi during the Magic Mike group date. If male dancers creeping up on you isn’t a bonding experience, we don’t know what is.

Who do you think Andi’s tweet is aimed at? Tell us in the comments.

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