Andi Dorfman Mocks Juan Pablo on Twitter and It’s Hilarious
Credit: Sharleen Joynt on Twitter    

The Bachelor

Andi Dorfman Mocks Juan Pablo on Twitter and It’s Hilarious

Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis is a pretty big fan of two particular letters in the alphabet — which Andi Dorfman called him out on as she voluntarily left the show on last night’s episode. (It’s OK if you can’t figure out what the two letters are. Totally OK.) And now, Andi is continuing to skewer Juan Pablo for his favorite phrase.

Andi got fed up with El Bachelor’s behavior during the Fantasy Suite episode on February 25, and among her many, many grievances was that Juan Pablo was satisfied with superficial conversations and would just brush people’s feelings aside by saying, “It’s okay.” And she seems to stand by that criticism.

“Good night all!” Andi tweeted on February 25 after the episode. “I leave you with some words of wisdom... Always remember... Eeees okay.” Yep, we think JPG just got burned. However, we have a sneaking suspicion that the man is going to manage to be OK about the whole thing.

Even better is the fact that Andi hung out with Season 18 ladies Sharleen Joynt defectors unite! and Kelly Travis while the show aired last night, during which time Andi and Kelly recreated the astonishingly awkward moment when Juan Pablo inexplicably felt the need to caress Andi’s eyebrow as she told him she was way past over it. “Esss oh-kay,” Sharleen appropriately captions the pic (above).

We love how hilarious these three ladies are, not to mention that they’ve become besties. Perhaps Juan Pablo can learn that there is a time and a place to touch a face. Hey, it rhymes, we bet if we made it into a song, he might remember it..

Do you think Andi is crossing a line by mocking Juan Pablo?

Sources: Andi on Twitter, Sharleen on Twitter