Jillian Harris: Andi Dorfman and Nick Viall Are Too Much Like Her and Juan Pablo
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Jillian Harris: Andi Dorfman and Nick Viall Are Too Much Like Her and Juan Pablo

Once you’ve been through a rough breakup like Jillian Harris did on Bachelorette Season 5 with Ed Swiderski, you learn how to spot which relationships have the legs, and which are likely to sour. Take, for instance, Andi Dorfman, whose “frontrunner” Nick Viall has the current Bachelorette totally starry-eyed — but Jillian sees total warning signs.

The Love It or List It, Too host has never been much of a champion of McSalty, but in her blog for this week’s Episode 7 in Belgium, she came right out and shared her concerns. Her biggest one? That Andi and Nick’s chemistry is a little too eerily similar to one very familiar Argentinian casanova. (Hint: Ees okay!)

Jillian Harris: Andi Dorfman and Nick Viall Are Too Much Like Her and Juan Pablo
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“Nick’s relationship with Andi is pretty hard to understand,” Jillian writes. “She said that if she were to describe it in one word, it would be ‘passion.’ Clearly, making out and kissing is their favourite pastime…but isn’t that similar to Andi and Juan Pablo’s relationship?????”

She’s not incorrect. Andi’s made a habit of making out with pretty much all of the guys this season — no judgment here! — but 33-year-old Nick has been on the receiving end of many of those kisses. And similar to the Dorf’s time on Bachelor Season 18 with Juan Pablo Galavis, when it’s all physical and fun, where’s the substance?

“I feel like Nick and Andi don’t do much conversing or have any in-depth conversations!” Jillian elaborates. “She says that she can ‘feel’ how he feels about her through his kisses, but I mean c’mon….ANY guy with passion can make you believe you’re the apple of his eye!!!!!”

Unless Andi has some special skill that allows her to communicate through lip-touching, we have to second Jilly’s sentiments here. As for Nick’s sneaky moves in Brussels, showing up at Andi’s hotel for an unannounced 1-on-1, the former Bachelorette admits she didn’t approve of the move, but it wasn’t a big surprise.

“I didn’t like the fact that Nick snuck around…but he knew he waned[sic] to see her, so he looked for her, found her, and convinced her to hang out for a while. It’s happened time and time again on The Bachelor/Bachelorette, so it was bound to happen this season!!!!” Jillian adds.

All of the HGTV’s star’s disapproval isn’t reserved for Tricky Nicky — she’s also not really feeling Josh Murray. But one guy Jillian does like? Marcus Grodd, because, she says, “it’s obvious that he would be an amazing, dedicated husband and father, especially because he’s learned from his father’s mistakes.”

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