Andi Dorfman on Nick Viall Calling Himself Frontrunner: “I Am Not A Prize”
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Andi Dorfman on Nick Viall Calling Himself Frontrunner: “I Am Not A Prize”

In case all the romance and plunging necklines and making out and stuff on The Bachelorette has made you forget that Andi Dorfman is a capable gang prosecutor, stop. Lady friend may enjoy her hoop earrings and stilettos, but she’ll also send you up the river if you disrespect. Well, she won’t really, but she’ll give you a stern frownie face and then, if you’re Nick Viall, she’ll make out with you — but she’ll be stewing while she does. At least, that’s what happened on Episode 5, when Nick referred to himself as Andi’s “frontrunner.”

Though we didn’t really see a whole lot of Andi confronting Nick during the episode, Andi makes clear in her People blog that Nick’s frontrunner comment wasn’t kosher. “Obviously I don’t like this term, because it made me feel like this was a competition and that I’m a prize.” Well, it is technically a competition, Andi, since you start with 25 guys and whittle it down to one who gets to go home and make babies with you, but, you know, semantics and whatnot.

The assistant D.A. went on to quote Olivia Pope from Scandal, writing, “I am not a prize at the state fair. You cannot win me!” What a state fair that would be if you could though, huh? Bet farmer Chris Soules would be first through the gate, since we hear Iowa is the land of elephant ears and whirly wheels. But we digress.

No, you’re not a prize, Andi, buuuuuuuuut, devil’s advocate here. You did reward Nick with a kiss after learning of his comments, so you weren’t all that offended, areweright?

What do you think about Nick calling himself Andi’s frontrunner? No big, or what a pig?

Source: Andi on People