Bachelorette Andi Dorfman: Why Nick Viall Got the First Impression Rose
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Bachelorette Andi Dorfman: Why Nick Viall Got the First Impression Rose

If we were Nick Viall, we’d be feeling pretty darn good about ourselves after Monday night’s Season 10 The Bachelorette Premiere! The 33-year-old software salesman, originally from Wisconsin, nabbed the coveted First Impression Rose from Andi Dorfman. There were so many great guys fighting it out for her attention, we have to admit we were a little surprised Nick was the one being pinned with the first flower.

For her part, 27-year-old Andi has quite the argument for why she decided to give the first rose of the season to Nick. In her first People blog, Andi explains her controversial decision. While she had said in her In the Moment (ITM from here on out, K?) interview that she didn’t necessarily give the rose to the guy she would normally be attracted to, it was a shock nonetheless.

Bachelorette Andi Dorfman: Why Nick Viall Got the First Impression Rose
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“My instinct to give it to Nick V. was definitely reaffirmed when I had some time to talk to him. I saw a lot of his personality in myself,” she explains of her attraction. “I remember how skeptical I was that first night and I saw it in him. I wanted to give him the rose to let him know to have a little faith in me and in this process as well. I wanted him to get over some of his fears.”

Hmm, sounds like she expected a Sharleen Joynt-style hesitation from him when she handed over the rose. And did anyone know that Andi was skeptical on the first night? We don’t remember that coming out until she was abroad…

While she seems happy with her choice, the assistant district attorney mentions she had a few other suspects in mind on the premiere. People with eyes won’t be surprised to learn that Andi was also considering handing the FIR over to Chris “Aww Shucks” Soules, Marcus “He’s So Hot” Grodd, or JJ O’Brien. Because, pants gifts are the best gifts.

Still, it was Nick who got it all. And while some people — including Chris Harrison and Jillian Harris — aren’t necessarily smelling what Viall is cooking, it’ll be interesting to watch how far the curly fella gets, and to see his chemistry with our girl Dorf in the future.

What do you think of Andi’s reasoning for handing over the rose to Nick? Would you have passed it off to him, or was there another guy who caught your eye?

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