Andi Dorfman on Nick Viall’s Letter: “We’ve Moved Past That” (VIDEO)
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The Bachelorette

Andi Dorfman on Nick Viall’s Letter: “We’ve Moved Past That” (VIDEO)

While today might be the second best day of Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray’s lives — the first being their May 9 engagement day, of course! — it’s certainly not Season 10 runner-up Nick Viall’s. The poor guy (or total clinger, depending on how you look at it) laid his heart on the line in a letter to the Bachelorette and an “After the Final Rose” sit down, and yet Andi still rebuffed his feelings. So how does the Atlanta gal feel about his advances now, after she’s had a night to sleep on it all?

Sadly, it’s looking like Nick didn’t earn any after-the-fact sympathy points from this sassy lady. During her appearance on Good Morning America on July 29, Andi was asked once again about that gut-spilling letter from the Milwaukee hunk and she replied as follows:

“There’s really not much to talk about. It’s obviously something that I read. But I’m very happy in my relationship. It’s kind of like, reopening the past that doesn’t need to be reopened. But we’ve moved past that, which is nice.”

Dayum, girl. Way to brush Nick off like that — though to be fair, if your ex aired your dirty laundry on national TV (i.e. telling the world that you slept with him), you probably wouldn’t be too charitable in the feelings department either. Either way, it looks like the future Mrs. Andi Murray — cue the tennis puns! — won’t be losing any sleep over her decision.

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Source: Good Morning America