Bachelorette 2014: Why Andi Dorfman Should Pick Josh Murray
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Bachelorette 2014: Why Andi Dorfman Should Pick Josh Murray

There’s only two more hours standing between Andi Dorfman and the end of her season of The Bachelorette! Well, two hours plus a few days, but who’s counting. And since it’s winding down, it's time for her to pick the man of her dreams — a simple-minded fellow with terrible taste in fashion, almost no sense of humor, and questionable decision-making skills. And guys? That man is Josh Murray.

We know, we know, Josh is sometimes a tough sell, thanks to that one time he wore a billowing blouse on national television, but it's clear that he's the guy for Andi. (Actually, Chris Harrison is the guy for Andi, but that goes without saying because he's the guy for everyone.)

Anyway, it's clear that Josh and universally side-eyeing Nick Viall are both interesting choices in the race to occupy Andi's uterus with their children, but Josh is definitely the better choice. Not only do he and Andi mutually love this weird thing called "sports," they have crazy chemistry and they both live in Atlanta! Which sort of means this entire show was a waste of time (couldn't they have just hooked up on OKCupid like normal people?), but also means they have to put in approximately zero effort to keep their relationship going once the season ends.

Meanwhile, Andi has straight-up admitted than Nick isn't her usual type, and everyone except for her pretty much despises him. Plus, we still aren't over Nick's casual incorporation of decorative scarves into his wardrobe. In fact, this whole season has been a painful exploration into the ascotal region of menfolk, and J-Murr has done his fair share of toe-dipping in that terrible cesspool.

So, why Josh? Well, he basically cried that time he told his mom he loves her during Hometown Dates, Andi straight up does not care that Josh lied to her, and she already looks like a member of his family. Which is important if you want free tickets to brother Aaron’s NFL games.

Unfortunately, Andi's decision isn't up to us, but we're thinking Josh is home girl's Mr. Right (Reasons). Do you agree? Let us know in the comments — unless you're too busy writing Josh an open letter, tenderly explaining why half-zipped hoodies do not count as shirts.

Oh, and in case waiting until next week just sounds like crazy talk, feel free to check in with this here spoiler about who Andi picks.