Bachelorette 2014: Why Andi Dorfman Should Pick Nick Viall
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Bachelorette 2014: Why Andi Dorfman Should Pick Nick Viall

here are only a few more days until we finally get to see Bachelorette Andi Dorfman step out with her leading man. Hand in hand, they’ll skip down the street, talking about their mutual love of scarves, how much they hate being agreeable, and why salt is their favorite seasoning. Which is why we definitely know it should be Nick Viall.

The 33-year-old software engineer has had quite the tour d’amour with our girl Andi, with more ups and downs than she’s had in her other relationship. And while Josh Murray is a perfectly fine choice, he’s pretty much the opposite of what Andi should do, if she knows what’s good for her (even Chris Harrison thinks so!). Here’s why we’re thinking that…

1) Nick is not the typical guy she goes for.

Should we reiterate? Andi was single for most of her 26 years prior to grabbing a rose and hitting the high seas to loveville on ABC. Why? Because she, admittedly, always goes for the same types of guys. Spoiler alert: It never ends well for her. Also? Josh is the typical guy she goes for. So… maybe try something different, Dorf?

2) Nick is smarter than your average bear.

Look, it’s not that we think Josh isn’t smart… That’s all we had, sorry. Nick is really freaking smart — just ask him -- and so is Andi. So, wouldn’t it be fun for everyone (aka society) if two really smart people got together and made it work? Cool talk.

3) They have a great connection.

Sure, the chemistry between Andi and Josh is pretty choice, but Dorfall (is there a better nickname?) is on another level. Maybe it’s because Nick can complete full sentences around Andi, or that he always has something to talk about besides his family, but we’re pretty into the Nick-Andi thing.

Clearly, there’s only one choice, and it’s Andi’s, but we’ll get to watch it all happen on Monday, July 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

What do you think: Should Andi pick Nick or go with what she knows?