Andi Dorfman Admits She Cringes Watching Juan Pablo Breakup, Has Regrets
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Andi Dorfman Admits She Cringes Watching Juan Pablo Breakup, Has Regrets

Andi Dorfman may be on top of the world these days — she’s got a handsome new fiancé in Josh Murray, not to mention a dazzling rock of an engagement ring — but it wasn’t too long ago she was dismissing herself from Juan Pablo Galavis’s season of The Bachelor amidst a firestorm of drama. Now that the smoke has cleared and her life’s right where she wants it, what does she think of the infamous JPG breakup, aka, the moment that may have solidified her chances as the next Bachelorette?

In an interview with Jezebel, the Dorf admits watching her breakup moment with Juan Pabs isn’t the most delightful thing she’s ever done. “I cringe watching it back, but that was the reality of how I felt at that time.”

The Hotlantan also reveals the way the show is filmed — “no TV, no phone, just in a room” — contributed to her false feelings for the Bachelor, and that she thinks the whole thing could have been avoided if El Bachelor hadn’t let her stick around so long. “Part of me wished Juan Pablo would have sent me home earlier because, looking back, it wasn’t there for us.”

Breaking up is never easy, and breaking up on camera is worse — Andi should know, she had to do it with twenty-four men during her stint as Bachelorette. “I definitely live with regrets here and there,” she admits. “You’re having a conversation and a breakup with somebody. You really do forget the cameras are there, especially in a moment like that.”

Well, here’s hoping Andi has no more cringeworthy moments going forward!

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Source: Jezebel