Andi Dorfman Says Being The Bachelorette Is Harder Than What?
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The Bachelorette

Andi Dorfman Says Being The Bachelorette Is Harder Than What?

We’d think it’d be more fun and a little easier to be on the receiving end of tons of affection than duking it out over the same guy with 26 other intimidatingly beautiful women. Not so, says Andi Dorfman, whose season of The Bachelorette just kicked off. So what’s so hard about taking center stage and allowing some truly hot men to fawn over you?

Mo men, mo problems, says the 27-year old Atlantan. We hear ya girl (not really, we’ve never been able to hook more than two college juniors at the same time). In an interview with E! News, the woman of the hour reveals, “the amount of time and energy that goes into it is just through the roof. I think that's something that viewers don't know.”

Um, we’re pretty sure we viewers have figured that out, Andi, cuz this ain’t our first rodeo. We’ve seen the past leads making out with one guy Tuesday morning, changing from day to night wear, swapping spit with another dude Tuesday evening, then doing it all again Wednesday. Sounds good to us, and we’re still not seeing the problem.

Andi goes on to say,"you have dates every day and you've got to be really present. And you want to be present for each and every date, so definitely harder. It's hard to manage 25 guys, I'm not going to lie. It sounds easy, but wrangling 25 guys together is a little difficult!" Hmmmmm. We think we could handle it.

Jokes aside, we hear what girl is saying. Dating can be exhausting with the awkward stammering and palm sweats and the idle chit chat about favorite color and what your parents do for a living. Andi has to do it day after day with man candy after man candy, which sounds rough. Days when girlfriend probably just wants to throw on some sweats and dive into Fifty Shades of Grey, she has to tease out that mane and line those eyes and practice her active listening skills.

So, sure, we can see how being the Bachelorette can put a bit of a strain on. We’re still not feeling too sorry for her, though, especially after seeing the gorgeous guys.

What do you think, would you rather be the lead being wooed or the one trying to stand out and impress?

Source: E! News