Andi Dorfman Says Memory of Eric Hill’s Last Convo is “Almost Unbearable”
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Andi Dorfman Says Memory of Eric Hill’s Last Convo is “Almost Unbearable”

Last night’s Episode 4 of Andi Dorfman’s Bachelorette was a bruiser. Dylan Petitt broke our hearts in the first half hour with his tragic family history, and Eric Hill broke our hearts in the last half hour with his swift and emotional exit. We can’t imagine how hard it had to be for Andi to watch this episode and relive her last memory of Eric, knowing that just a few weeks later his life would meet a tragic end. In her People blog, Andi opens up about her final moments with Eric, and what haunts her about it most.

“In all honesty,” she writes, “it is almost unbearable knowing that my last conversation with someone wasn't the best.” For those who didn’t see what went down, at the cocktail party Eric told Andi he felt like she had a “poker face” and was more like a “TV actress” than the “real person” he came to meet. Andi found his comments to be deeply offensive, the conversation quickly spiraled out of control, and Andi dismissed Eric before the Rose Ceremony.

As Andi said in her interview with Chris Harrison — which aired at the end of the hard-to-watch episode — she expected to be able to see Eric again at the “Men Tell All” special and mend fences then. His death removed that opportunity, and the fact that her last moment with Eric ended in such negativity is something she’ll live with for the rest of her life.

So is there anything positive that can come of this tragedy? Andi writes,”of all the things I thought I would learn from this journey, the preciousness of life wasn't one I expected to learn, but I did and I have Eric to thank for that.”

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Source: Andi’s People blog