Andi Dorfman: 10 Things to Know About the Season 10 Bachelorette!
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Andi Dorfman: 10 Things to Know About the Season 10 Bachelorette!

Okay, so you know that Andi Dorfman, the 2014 Bachelorette, is not a big fan of hearing guys say “It’s okay,” as Juan Pablo Galavis learned the hard way.

But what else do you know about her? Probably not a lot! After all, compared to her Final 3 pals, we barely saw her on The Bachelor. And let's be real: besides her beauty and penchant for sporting one-piece bathing suits, the only thing we really remember is that time she told Juan Pablo that he's narcissistic and doesn't even know she's Jewish. Oh, add that one as #11: she's Jewish.

Here are ten facts that might surprise about the lady from Atlanta who shot us (so to speak) all through the heart.

1. She is totally smitten with Ryan Gosling.
Is it a big surprise that her celebrity crush is Ryan Gosling? Of course not. She is human, isn’t she? Along with The Gos, she also has the hots for Josh Duhamel and Tom Brady. Yep, we approve of all three of her picks.

2. She’s besties with fellow Bachelor Season 18 alum Kelly Travis.
Andi became fast friends with a number of the ladies on her season, including Nikki Ferrell, and declared herself #TeamNikki on Monday’s “Women Tell All.” However, the fact that Kelly Travis lives in Buckhead — the Atlanta neighborhood where Andi lives — means those two have become especially close. They hang out frequently, and they even rang in 2014 together!

3. She’s an Assistant District Attorney.
Andi attended law school at Wake Forest and is now a Fulton County Assistant D.A., where she prosecutes gang and organized crime members. In other words, her Bachelorette men should prepare for some pretty intense questioning.

4. She’s not afraid of commitment.
Andi went on The Bachelor to look for love, and she clearly hasn’t shied away from long-term relationships in the past. In fact, her longest previous relationship lasted three years. It’s always sad when relationships end, but we’re kinda glad that one did, since it means we’ve gotten to see Andi search for love on TV!

5. She’s a total romantic and will hop on a plane to surprise a guy
Distance isn’t enough to keep Andi from her a guy she really likes. Indeed, she says that the most romantic thing she ever done is flying halfway across the country to surprise a guy. This is good news if the guy she chooses on The Bachelorette doesn’t happen to live in Atlanta.

6. She has a major sweet tooth!
You probably wouldn’t guess it by looking at her svelte figure, but Andi loves sweets. She says that she can’t get enough chocolate, and she also loves ordering dessert at restaurants.

7. She isn’t a tennis shoes kind of gal.
Nothing makes Andi feel sexier than putting on her tallest pair of stilettos. And she reveals that the one outfit she wouldn’t be caught dead in is jeans and tennis shoes. Clearly, this is one glam gal.

8. She likes reality TV just as much as we do.
Andi says that her guilty pleasure is reality TV. In other words, she’s a girl after our own hearts. Don’t worry, Andi — watching reality TV is nothing to feel guilty about!

9. She has an outdoorsy side.
Obviously, she loves fashion and getting all gussied up, but she also has an outdoorsy side, as we saw when she took Juan Pablo to shoot guns during her Hometown Date. She says that one of her favorite pastimes is taking a trip to the lake.

10. She isn’t afraid of wearing leather pants!
Andi says that her sense of style has some edge to it. And to prove that point, she says that she loves wearing leather pants! She certainly has the legs for it.

Know something about Andi that we missed on this list? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: Jezebel Magazine