Andi Dorfman Says There’s a Side to Nick Viall That Audiences Haven’t Seen
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Andi Dorfman Says There’s a Side to Nick Viall That Audiences Haven’t Seen

As viewers, we’re all savvy enough to the reality TV world by now that we get that everything we see isn’t totally, well, reality. Each season, shows like The Bachelorette need characters for viewers to root for and against — it just makes it more fun to watch! Editors know this and can sometimes get a little creative giving audiences what we want. Case in point: Nick Viall.

He’s been the guy we’ve loved to hate on during Andi Dorfman’s quest for love, taking cues from his rifts with the guys in the house which got him labeled as a salty, overly strategic guy. But the world of The Bachelorette — a world where you date a girl who’s dating 24 other guys — isn’t exactly real life. And, according to Andi in her People blog, Nick’s real self is totes different than his onscreen persona.

Speaking about Hometown Dates, Andi writes “what you didn't get to see was that Nick had a table in the back with all of his friends waiting for us to sit and hang out. Nick got so emotional when he was reunited with his friends, and it was really sweet to see that side of Nick. It was refreshing to see Nick in his element with his friends because I knew he had been having such a hard time being around all of the guys in the house.” See, Nick isn’t such a bad guy, he has friendsies!

Even the guys in the house who have been willing to bad mouth Nick on-camera all season long appear to be friends with Nick now that cameras have stopped rolling. And Brian Osborne recently came out and said the two are pals.

So, even if you don’t see what Andi sees in Nick (which we kinda don’t, BTW) at least you know it’s because we’re not seeing the whole picture and not because she’s got blinders on.

Do you think there’s a side to Nick we’re not seeing? Or have his comments on the show been enough to get a clear view of who he is? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Andi’s People blog