Andi Dorfman Admits She “Wasn’t Sure” About Josh Until Morning of the Proposal (VIDEO)
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The Bachelorette

Andi Dorfman Admits She “Wasn’t Sure” About Josh Until Morning of the Proposal (VIDEO)

We’ve got to hand it to Josh Murray, winner of Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette — the baller is one of the most confident contestants we’ve ever seen on the show, never once having an emotional meltdown or “questioning the process.” Despite his lady love dating several other men at once — and by dating we mean passionately making out with — J.Murrs stayed upbeat and optimistic throughout filming. What’s more impressive is that he’s managed to stay positive and smiley even now that some squirm-inducing details of Andi’s time on the show have come to light — cough, Nick Viall, cough.

Good thing he’s so perky, because the hits just keep on coming. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Dorf admitted she wasn’t as completely steadfast in her love for Josh as he was for her and that her decision could have possibly gone another way. “I really wasn’t sure about Josh until pretty much the morning of the proposal,” she said. Zing! That’s news to us and probably to Josh as well, since Andi seemed pretty sweet on the guy all season.

The former assistant D.A. explains that her indecisiveness was due to her tendency to “overthink” everything. “It was like one hurdle after another — family, hometowns … I don’t know if that’s good or bad to say.” Jimmy and Josh broke into giggles, with Josh chiming in, “She’s an overthinker. I told her to just turn it off sometimes and she could never do it.”

Wow — it seems like Josh really is kind of perfect for Andi after all. She bites her nails and worries over the details while he shrugs, smiles, and waits for her to come to her senses and make out with him again. Match made in heaven.

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