Now that the dust has settled around Bachelorette Season 10, we’re more than happy to let Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray return to their (sort of) normal lives of being all content and madly in love. Well, sort of. We’re also totally in withdrawal from having the adorable duo on our TV screens every week, so when we got this video of the future Mr. and Mrs. Murray out on the town in Atlanta, we couldn’t have been more excited!

On August 5, Andi and Josh attended JEZEBEL’s 20 Most Eligible Atlantans mixer, along with the Bachelorette’s former Bachelor co-star and close pal, Kelly Travis, and her plus one. We first learned of the sweet double date on the Dorf’s Instagram, when she posted a pic-of-a-pic from their group photo booth session, but we could only barely make out what was happening…


Until now! Thanks to the people over at, we’ve now got the pics from the foursome’s time in the booth, and boy are they a treat! We’ve got Josh decked out in a crown and some stunner shades, while Andi growls at the camera in bear ears (as she flashes that killer rock!). Beyond their wild ensembles, there’s also the obvious chemistry and goofiness on display between this still newly-betrothed couple. This is the real deal, peeps!

If that weren’t enough, the site also released a video of all the shots in order, so you almost feel like you were there with them. Take note, ABC, this is the stuff we want to see on the show.

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