Andi Dorfman’s Not Watching the Bachelor 2014 Fantasy Suites — Why!?
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The Bachelor

Andi Dorfman’s Not Watching the Bachelor 2014 Fantasy Suites — Why!?

Andi Dorfman made it to the Bachelor 2014’s final three, but when the time came for her and Juan Pablo Galavis to have their Fantasy Suite date, things went horribly wrong. Andi thought Juan Pablo treated her with disrespect, and she said the whole thing was just a "disaster." When she confronted him about it later, the two got into a huge, heated argument. He even made sure to let her know that she barely even made it there in the first place!

But as all the drama played out on screen, Andi wasn’t sitting at home on her couch watching, a bowl of ice cream melting at her feet like her dreams of marriage. Nope! Girlfriend is moving on with her life, and she’s not dwelling in the past (or watching it play out on national TV).

As the February 25 episode aired, Andi took to Twitter to let people know she was much too busy to watch the show. Fellow Season 18 contestant Sharleen Joynt was in town, and Andi decided that showing her around Atlanta was much more important that watching some silly TV show they had both hit and quit!

“Watching el bachelor tonight through tweets I guess.... it's what we do when a Canadian comes to ATL.. @sharleenjoynt @kellytravisty,” she tweeted. Sharleen is from Ottawa, Canada — when she’s not busy relocating to various European countries as part of her opera singing career, of course — but it looks like she’s decided to make the trip down south to visit Andi in Hotlanta.

Are you surprised that Andi’s not watching this episode of The Bachelor? Or, given everything that went down, do you see where she’s coming from?

Source: Andi Dorfman on Twitter