Andi Dorfman’s Parents Tweet Josh and Andi: “We Are Both So Happy For You”
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Andi Dorfman’s Parents Tweet Josh and Andi: “We Are Both So Happy For You”

Looks like Josh Murray’s introduction to Andi Dorfman’s family went better than expected, as he seems to have fans in both of Andi’s parents, Hy and Patti. Not only did Hy give Josh his blessing to marry Andi during the Bachelorette Season 10 finale, but he and Andi’s mom went so far as to congratulate the duo via Twitter. Our parents don’t even know what Twitter is, so good on ya guys!

After the announcement of Andi’s final choice was made and the Hotlantan and Josh appeared as a couple for the first time during the After the Final Rose special, Hy tweetedAndi and Josh all our love. Parents rarely get to see proposals. We are both so happy for you.” Very sweet. Parents also rarely get to see their kids make out with multiple men on national television, but we guess Hy had more than 140 characters worth of comments about that…

Josh’s proposal to Andi was pretty adorable and we’re glad Mama and Papa Dorf got to share in the big moment with their little Dorf. And who wants to bet Hy teased Josh later about sweating bullets during the big moment? J.Murrs was perspiring pretty profusely when he first met Hy, and Hy’s comment then was that “the guy was sweating like crazy, he doesn’t stand a chance.” Au contraire, Hy. We’d say Josh scored a homerun with this one.

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Source: Hy Dorfman on Twitter