It’s Official: Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray Are Moving in Together!
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It’s Official: Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray Are Moving in Together!

While most of us prefer to date, then move in together, and then get engaged, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray are doing things a little differently — not surprising really for two people who chose to find love in front of millions of people on national TV. So now, after two months of engagement, the Bachelorette and her handsome former ball player hunnie are planning to shack up!

….But not just yet. While Andi and Josh may have moved at a much faster pace than most people in their on-screen courting, they’ve now sort of hit slo-mo, and they tell People this week that they’re just “enjoying being engaged.” However, the plan to move in is definitely on the docket for later this year — though it won’t likely make much of a difference, considering they live just minutes from one another in Atlanta.

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"We pretty much have been living with each other for these two months," Josh explains. "We've been over at each other's houses all the time." Andi joins in with her new fiance’s sentiments, dishing that she’s already “learned so much about him in the past two months” and that she now loves him more than she did when the two got engaged on May 9.

But despite the future Mr. and Mrs. Murray’s claims that they’re taking their time, that doesn’t meant they haven’t started planning their wedding! MurDorf (yes, we’re calling them this — deal with it) have said time and time again on their publicity tour that they’ve got their eyes on a spring 2015 wedding, and now they’re letting on that it will likely be filmed for TV!

"As long as I get to marry him … and they have to show the reception," Andi equivocates. Why’s that? "We'd have so much fun at the reception," Josh follows up. And we have to say, we don’t object to that plan! Bachelor 17 Sean Lowe’s live on-air wedding to Catherine Giudici may have been gorgeous and romantic, but we were seriously jealous when the cameras turned off for the good part — the reception and after-party, of course!

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Source: People